static checkweighers

Scales that support the user in checking the weights

of packs easily and efficiently.




You usually have the option:




  •     Store product data
  •     Define limit values
  •     Define tolerance limits
  •     Master data change via barcode
  •     Information about optical signals (traffic lights)



To export data e.g. in spreadsheet software (Excel, etc.)


Trigger printing of receipts




The design of the balance is to be determined depending on the place of use and the requirements.




A special category of static checkweighers are scales for checking packages according to FPVO




(Prepackaging Ordinance).



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Checkweighers with belt or roller platform

Scales with conveyor belt or roller conveyor 
for good / bad control
Checking without stopping the conveyor belt 
while running with the pusher
Conveyor, control and weighing technology 
from a single source
Can be integrated into existing production lines and conveyor systems, e.g. 100% control 
of injection molded parts, plastic parts, etc. in assembly and
packaging processes.

Weighing system with conveyor belt for static weight control

  • Good-bad sorting through Conveyor belt with right and left rotation
  • Semi and fully automatic use possible, also for supportsuitable for manual control processes
  • Individual design of weighing range, resolution and conveyor belt dimensionsuse cases   
  • Individual weight control of production parts   
  • Checking the completeness of packaged products   
  • Classification in two weight classes 
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automatic checkweighers

Automatic checkweighers are complex solutions

Depending on the version and design, they guarantee for stable and reliable

It is the full control of the manufactured goods and optionally
the use of a metal detector possible to detect
metal contamination.

The main areas of application can be found in:
  • food industry   
  • chemical industry   
  • pharmaceutical industry   
  • meat industry   
  • fishing industry

  •     Control of goods according to the regulation of packaged goods.
    Goods control according to customer specifications
    Recording of data on checked goods
    Define the access level for each user
    Rejection of defective goods by weight
    Extended statistics in real time
    Reports that are generated automatically according to the weighing mode
    Export reports to PDF files
    Possibility of coupling with other devices in the processing line
    variable speed setting
    Connection to higher-level software
The execution of automatic checkweighers is to be defined depending on the requirements and location.
 e.g. are available especially for cylindrical packaged product

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